Image Trash August


bis 27.08.2023 16-19 Uhr

You can't sleep. You open your phone. You go on Youtube. A Youtube short: what I do as a stay home girlfriend in a day. Another one: Pepsi vs. Coca Cola. Your idea was to spent only a few minutes with your phone, but 147 videos later you start swiping left and right on okcupid. He looks dumb with his fish. She looks sad in her mirror. You swipe them left. 89 Instagram stories, 205 Reels, useless faces, useless story’s, useless content: trash! Swipe it, swipe it, but trash it! Is your brain overloaded or completely empty? No time to think about it, you have to scroll down. One more post about a vernissage: You are invited to the “Image Trash” exhibition, 18th of August at gallery KUB. Come and see!
Works: Merlin Rainer

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